SharePoint Extranets

Agilistix, the Agile SharePoint Experts!

Agilistix has the expertise to deliver a highly engaging SharePoint Extranet either on premise in SharePoint 2013 or in the cloud, that will allow your business to effectively engage with your partners and customers at a higher level.

What to Look for in a SharePoint Extranet

    • Engaging

      Often overlooked when building Extranets, and an opportunity missed to better engage with your partners and customers. Agilistix will work to maximise user engagement with your SharePoint Extranet.

    • User Experience

      Your business partners won’t know your internal systems as well as you do. So your SharePoint Extranet needs to be intuitive and easy to use.

    • Governance

      Arguably, the most important aspect of your SharePoint Extranet is governance. We’ll work with you to define the boundaries and standards to which your Extranet will operate.

    • Security

      An important part of your SharePoint Governance model, Security should be clearly defined and correctly implemented to ensure your data integrity at all levels.

    • Simplified Processes

      We’ll put SharePoint workflows to work for your business. Simplify many laborious and error-prone business processes instantly.

    • Integration

      Although SharePoint can provide everything you need to collaborate with your business partners, most good Extranets will need to integrate with existing business solutions. Agilistix has in-depth experience in delivering solution integration with SharePoint.

Our Approach

Governance! It may be last on your list but it should be first. This is critical to ensuring that your SharePoint intranet, extranet, website or bespoke solution is built and managed correctly.

Agilistix consultants have in-depth expert knowledge and experience of building acclaimed SharePoint governance models that incorporate overall strategy, information architecture, security, taxonomy, usability and extensibility.

We’ll work closely with you to define a governance model that is right for your business. This will form a solid foundation for your SharePoint Intranet and can be extended to your other SharePoint business solutions as they emerge.

Agile SharePoint Business Solutions

  • SharePoint

    Let Agilistix unlock the full potential of Microsoft SharePoint for your Intranet, Extranet or Website with rapid Agile delivery, at an affordable price.

  • SharePoint Intranets

    Agilistix SharePoint Intranets are simple to use and highly engaging, thus helping to boost team collaboration, innovation, efficiency and productivity.

  • SharePoint Extranets

    Engage with your partners, suppliers and customers at a higher level and maximise Return on Investment with an Agilistix Extranet.

  • SharePoint Websites

    First impressions count! Your SharePoint website is your shop window to the world. It’s first place people will look to discover more about you and your business.

  • Agile SharePoint Delivery

    Working SharePoint product delivered to you, every two weeks. It’s called Agile but you’ll call it Agilistix! Can anyone else match that?

  • SharePoint Governance

    Governance! It may be last on your list but it should be first. Critical to ensuring your SharePoint Intranet, Extranet, Website is built and managed correctly.

  • SharePoint Upgrade 2013, SharePoint 2010, MOSS 2007

    SharePoint Upgrades

    Looking to upgrade to SharePoint 2013? Agilistix has a professional “can do” approach which makes your SharePoint Upgrade as seamless as possible.

  • SharePoint Migrations 2013 SharePoint 2010, MOSS 2007

    SharePoint Migrations

    For SharePoint 2010, MOSS 2007, SharePoint 2003 content migration, Agilistix will make a mole hill out of your SharePoint Migration mountain. It’s what we do!

  • SharePoint Support

    Reduce your operational costs, consolidate your SharePoint support into a fixed annual fee and have peace of mind to boot, with Agilistix SharePoint Support!

Whether you choose SharePoint 2013 on premise or prefer to go with the increasingly popular cloud-based Office 365 and SharePoint Online, Agilistix has the expertise to make SharePoint work hard for your business.

Agilistix, the Agile SharePoint Experts!