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  • Whole Grain Scrum

    Scrum was designed to be used out-of-the-box as a whole and not in parts. Don’t take out the bits that you don’t like and leave the rest. It will do you no good at all.

    Scrum, in its natural form (as per The Scrum Guide), has already been refined to remove all waste and maximise value and quality to the highest levels.

    Proclaiming to follow Scrum but removing bits of Scrum from your process (for whatever reason), is like removing important components from a Formula 1 racing car to make it perform better. Not only will you lose the race, you certainly won’t get off to a good start and you may not even finish!

    Scrum is not just about rapid delivery of product, it’s about delivering maximum value to a business with quality being built in from the start.

    Scrum is an empirical process framework and continual improvement is paramount by ensuring that you constantly evaluate your progress as well as impediments and adapting to achieve better results in the next Sprint. Of course you can’t achieve any of this until you adopt the whole process framework, the whole of Scrum.

  • Healthy Scrum Diet

    At Agilistix, we thrive on a whole grain Scrum diet. More importantly, we are happy to share it with you through our Agile Coaching Workshops, 1-2-1 Agile Mentoring and Agile Team Building Workshops.

    We advocate adopting Scrum in its natural undiluted form, straight out-of-the-box, simply because we have seen what happens when teams don’t do this. Not pretty and mostly expensive!

    Let Agilistix introduce you to a healthy diet of pure Scrum and you will reap the benefits. Come on, you know it makes sense!

    We advocate adopting Scrum in its natural undiluted form, straight out-of-the-box.

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