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  • Onshoring is the outsourcing of business processes or functions within the same country.

    Onshoring is by far the most common way of outsourcing and is an important part of everyday life, even if we hadn’t realised it. For example, you could employ the services a plumber, instead of replacing the central heating yourself or have the nuts and bolts used by your car manufacturing plant, made by the local steelworks, instead of fabricating them in-house.

    These are both examples of outsourcing but more importantly, onshoring because you have outsourced the work within the same country.

  • The business advantages of onshoring are:

    • Flexibility
    • Lower overheads
    • Lower operational costs
    • Reduced head count

    Agilistix has a growing network of experienced, onshore Agile IT resources within the UK, across a wide range of technologies.

    Choose Agilistix for the best in onshore resourcing.

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    Agile Mentoring: Scrum, XP and Lean Kanban
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