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    Outsourcing with Agilistix is a dependable and cost-effective way of ensuring that your projects are delivered on time and on budget.

    With our strong adherence to Agile processes and governance for ensuring quality and transparency at each stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC), outsourcing with Agilistix will enable you to achieve your business goals faster and cheaper than ever before.

  • Approach

    By adopting Scrum, we can take an empirical approach when working with clients.  By carefully listening to you and observing your business, we take the time to establish and understand the Big Picture, your Big Picture, the bigger picture for your business.

    Our collaborative approach with clients is second nature to us because our own culture is a culture of collaboration, team work and self-management.

    What, no plan?

    By taking an Agile approach, there is not and should not be a specific or detailed plan in the traditional sense.

    Instead we will organise a series of workshops and work with you to establish and agree a collaborative way of working as well as the development approach.

    You are the Product Owner

    Arguably, the most important member of a Scrum team is the Product Owner. It will be your job to define what needs to be delivered and to also prioritise the deliverables in terms of business value.

    It is vitally important that you fully engage with the Product Owner role, otherwise the project will be doomed not to succeed. There is no point in developing product that the Product Owner has not defined and prioritised as this is how many Agile start-up projects fail.

    You will have complete control of the Product Backlog during the software development lifecycle. After defining and prioritising the deliverables, you will be able to redefine and reprioritise them along the way.

    Fully Visible Product Backlog

    You as the Product Owner will have complete control of defining, refining and prioritising the Product Backlog.

    The Product Backlog must be fully visible to every member of the team at all times. The Product Backlog will contain a list of desirable deliverables, which have been prioritised in order of Business value by you as the Product Owner.

    Deliverables are “pulled” from the Product Backlog to the current Sprint Backlog by the Team.

    Changes for Free

    No that’s not a typo, you really can make changes to the Product Backlog and thus the overall delivered product at any time.

    With traditional Waterfall methods, the scope of the deliverables is defined up front.  It is the job of the Project Manager to control any changes and restrict to a minimum. Not so with Scrum.

    This is because Scrum embraces change.  By working in an Agile way we are able to respond to change as required. Scrum is about focusing on delivery of product which is of most value to a business.

    There is a direct correlation with events in the real world. For instance, as you drive your car or even walk down a busy street, you are continually adjusting your course and responding to ever changing conditions as obstacles come towards you. You cannot simply plan your straight-line course and stick to it. Otherwise the outcome could be somewhat unpleasant.

    Scrum gives us this same flexibility. It’s common sense when you think about it.

    Of course, you will pay for our time but the end product will be exactly as needed and not what you thought was required before the project started.  By the same token, there will be deliverables that you decide to de-scope as they are no longer of sufficient business value.

    Don’t forget you can always exercise Scrum’s stop clause when you feel that enough business value has already been delivered.

    So there will be no wastage. Just tested and working product of the highest business value.

  • Delivery – Every 2 Weeks!

    When outsourcing with Agilistix, delivery is absolutely predictable – every 2 weeks!

    Yes, that’s working, tested software, delivered every 2 weeks!

    By implementing Scrum as our Agile framework, bi-weekly deliverables are the norm, not the exception to the rule. Does that sound like a tall order?


    By adhering to industry-standard best practices such as test-driven development (TDD), quality is built-in – even before writing a single line of code.

    Testing and quality control then continue to play a major role in the software development lifecycle.

    Your IT applications, when delivered by Agilistix, will be more reliable, more cost-effective, and better able to support your organization’s ongoing needs and strategic goals

    Our team always strive to achieve ever higher levels of productivity, quality and predictability whilst focusing on delivering your products on time and within budget.


    Agile’s iterative delivery process and complete project transparency allows you to continually assess progress at all stages. Because Agile endeavours to deliver the most valuable components of a project in the early stages of the development process, it may be that you decide that you have had enough value already delivered and continuing to work on outstanding deliverables has diminishing benefits to the business.

    At this point, it’s OK to stop the project.  You will appreciate how Agile has delivered maximum business value in the shortest possible timeframe and perhaps the “outstanding” deliverables were nice-to-haves rather than must-haves.


    By tightly integrating with your team, our consultants work collaboratively with our clients, creating a whole that’s greater than the sum of the parts.

    We absolutely understand that IT is under increasing pressure to keep costs under control. That’s why we always deliver applications and service with cost effectiveness uppermost in mind.

    You will find outsourcing project delivery with Agilistix highly competitive, with cost-savings, quality assurance and peace of mind being foremost.


    Through experience we have found that by closely adhering to the Scrum process, we can achieve complete transparency at every stage of product delivery.

    You will have complete visibility of project delivery progress at all times.

    Delivery every 2 weeks and changes for free. No, that’s not a typo, it’s the Agilistix difference!

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