Our Approach

Plain and Simple Common Sense

  • Delivery with Agility
    The aroma of project success. You know it makes sense, common sense.

  • A common sense approach, based upon years of experience of both Agile and Waterfall project management on real projects.

  • Common Sense

    Our team consists of experienced and certified Agile consultants as well as registered PRINCE2 practitioners, so we really do know our stuff.

    Above all, we always take a common sense approach when providing a solution.

    Our passion for driving delivery of projects forward using Agile comes from experience of the pitfalls of doing it “the hard way” with Waterfall.

    We are not saying that Agile is perfect or that Waterfall is bad. What were are saying is that we can provide the perfect blend of both that will give your projects the aroma of success that that they deserve.

    Delivery with Agility
    Delivery every 2 weeks – a tall order!

  • Only Pay for What You Need

    Whether it be a high-level Agile assessment of your organisation or an implementation of Agile within your team, through to pair programming, TDD and other quality assurance methods, with our consultants sitting alongside one of your developers, you only pay for what you need.

    Tall Order

    Rather than taking the Big-Bang approach by trying to deliver everything at once (often late!), the iterative processed offered by Agilistx, allows us to drive your projects to deliver maximum value to your business every 2 weeks.


    This means that every 2 weeks you will have potentially shippable product. Whether we are mentoring your Agile teams or outsourcing our own, delivery of potentially shippable product every 2 weeks is a realistic expectation.

    If this sounds like a tall order, we would like to hear from you!

    Delivery every 2 weeks! Place your tall order with Agilistix for fast product delivery now

    …the perfect blend for the aroma of success.

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