Agilication for NESCOT

Agilistix to Provide Free Agile Training for Students

Agilistix will be delivering another free 2-day Scrum Master training course under their Agilication Programme, this time to students and lecturers at NESCOT (North East Surrey College of Technology) on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th October 2015.

“Agilication is a pilot programme, sponsored by Agilistix Ltd, to bring Agile into education. The aim is to provide free access to professional Agile training for further and higher education students and lecturers. With Agile skills in ever increasing demand, graduates will have a better chance of landing the right job, when they enter the UK’s highly competitive job market.”, Carl Adamson – CEO, Agilistix Ltd.

NESCOT are hoping to adopt Agile practices, where possible, in order to improve on the high standards of teaching that they already provide. It is anticipated that up to 40 students and lecturers will take advantage of this free opportunity to gain another valuable and sought after skill.

You can find out more about Agilication here.