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    Avoid the common pitfalls during the transition to Agile with our Open Agile Coaching Workshops

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    Bespoke Agile Coaching Workshops are tailored to your unique requirements.

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  • Agile Coaching

    Agile Coaching from experienced Agilistix professionals.

    Starting out on the path to becoming Agile, seems deceptively simple. Many organisations have read the books, attended the courses and then launched into what quickly spirals into a state of semi-chaos, with buggy software, late delivery, disgruntled users, an unhappy team and unexpected growing backlog of unfinished work!

    Where did it all go wrong?

    For many, the transition to becoming Agile, will be an unfamiliar ground. The previous framework that you were once measured by, with the more familiar Waterfall techniques, no longer apply.

    Although there is one overarching measureable that always does apply, Delivery!

  • No Problem

    The simplicity of an Agile framework such as Scrum, means that many (and probably most) people under estimate the subtleties of implementing it and this is a growing problem.

    It is a not a problem with Scrum, after all why make it more complex and comparatively sluggish, just to make it more familiar or dare we say, “more Waterfall”?


    Agilistix has hands-on experience of the pitfalls that organisations can have during the transition to becoming Agile. Coming from strong Waterfall backgrounds but with an Agile mindset, we know the tell-tale signs to look for. They may not be obvious to you but we normally start to see root of the problem within minutes of our initial discussions with you.

    Try us, call Agilistix now for a speedy telephone assessment of your Agile implementation issues.

Agile Coaching from experienced Agilistix professionals

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