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  • Agile Consulting Services from experienced Agilistix professionals.

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    • Agile Coaching

      Coming from Waterfall backgrounds but with an strong Agile mindset, our consultansts can help you to avoid the pitfalls of becoming Agile and maximise the advantages.

    • Agile Mentoring

      Take advantage of our professional experience as we mentor your Agile projects through to successful delivery.

    • Bespoke Agile Coaching Workshops

      Our Bespoke Agile Coaching Workshops are tailored to your specific needs and will address any difficulties that you are having with Agile transition.

    • Scrum

      Learn how to implement and manage Scrum teams with expert Scrum Coaching and Mentoring from experienced professionals to get your organisation up to speed fast!

    • Open Agile Coaching Workshops

      Agilistix will be running a series of Open Agile Coaching Workshops for organisations wanting to avoid the common pitfalls experienced by many during the transition to becoming Agile.

    • Kanban

      Kanban is an efficient and highly visual method that enables Just-in-Time (JIT) product delivery

Agile projects are 3 times more likely to succeed. Agilistix will show you how.

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    Delivery with Agility

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