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Agilistix Company Profile

  • Delivery with Agility

    Delivery of quality product, delivery of maximum business value and delivery in the shortest possible time are the key factors of the primary measure of business performance…profitability.

  • Experience is the very foundation of our company

    Company Profile

    Born of like-minded Agile consultants, with decades of joint industry experience across multiple industry sectors, Agilistix is a delivery-focused Agile IT consultancy, with quality and value at the heart of our approach.

  • Agilistix specialises in Agile Coaching, Agile Mentoring and Agile Outsourcing services.

  • Public and Private Sector Experience

    In the public sector, our consultants have in-depth experience of working within central government and local government organisations and fully appreciate the importance of governance, collaboration and transparency. Within central government organisations, our consultants have helped to establish robust IT governance policies in accordance with best practices and these are very much relied upon today.

    Within the private sector, we understand the need for commercialism and gaining the competitive advantage in a challenging market place.

Industry Sector Experience

Our consultants have successfully delivered quality products and services, using Agile techniques, into the following sectors:

    1. Adult Education
    2. Aviation
    3. Banking
    4. Central Government
    5. Digital Media
    6. E-Commerce
    7. Energy
    8. Entertainment
    1. Finance
    2. Healthcare
    3. Highways & Transportation
    4. IT Infrastructure and Storage
    5. Legal
    6. Local Government
    7. Manufacturing
    8. Oil and Gas
    1. Pharmaceuticals
    2. Private Sector
    3. Property Management
    4. Public Sector
    5. Publishing
    6. Real Estate
    7. Renewable Energy
    8. Technology and IT
  • Agile

    Being an Agile-driven consultancy, we are primarily delivery-focused but never at the expense of quality.  We will always find the most efficient way to empower your business to deliver quality product, fast!


    Delivery of quality products and services in the shortest possible time is not just our passion, it is why we exist!

    Rapid delivery of quality product is what we are about, whether you are outsourcing delivery to us or we are coaching and mentoring your teams to do it for themselves.


    It can be said that everything that we do in life is ultimately measured. In business the KPI that we are ultimately measured by is delivery.

    Delivery is King!

    Delivery of quality product, delivery of maximum business value, delivery of a professional service and delivery in the shortest possible time are the key factors of the primary measure of business performance, Profitability.

    Our prime directive is to deliver quality product to our clients in the shortest possible time, at a cost-effective price. Not only do we do this but we also empower our clients to deliver the same for themselves.

  • How do we do this?

    We have extensive experience of employing Agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban for the successful delivery of multiple, full software development lifecycle projects, across a wide range of industry sectors.

    Through experience, we have gained a deep understanding of working with Agile in the real world. We can quickly identify and act upon the opportunities that Agile can bring to your business and projects.

    At the same time, we can help you to work around the common pitfalls of implementing Agile by mentoring your teams on a 1-to-1 or group basis.

    Becoming Agile

    In order to be Agile your business needs to be able to respond to change but without sacrificing quality of delivery.

    The path to becoming Agile can appear to be deceptively simple. In reality, Agile is easy to learn but somewhat difficult to master.

    Stepping Stones

    Agilistix will mentor your business through the transition to becoming Agile.

    Step by step, we will help you to find the right path for your business and avoid the common pitfalls that so many businesses find themselves in today by going through the transition to Agile alone.

  • Commitment

    Our consultants are passionate about Agile and each one has played their part in implementing and leveraging Agile as a delivery tool across many industry sectors.

  • We are committed to Agile because it has proven itself as the delivery tool of quality product time and time again
    Author's imageCarl AdamsonSenior Consultant, Agilistix Ltd.
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